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Inquiry IS the Answer

Join us for Inquiry IS the Answer, 10:00 - 10:30 am CDT every Monday through Friday. We gather, hear someone's wicked issue, ask provocative questions (no answers allowed), and invite the sharer to reflect on what they heard. Whether you are the sharer of an inquirer, each of us grows when we ask powerful questions and receive them from others. Friday is a special day because we all reflect on NOW WHAT we did as a result of an inquiry and; NEXT WHAT is emerging now.

We are an international gathering, and we just celebrated our 600th day of collective curiosity. Come see how it feels to bathe in questions without blame or shame or advice.

Most of the sessions have been recorded, and the questions are captured in chat, too. (Sometimes the sharer chooses to keep the conversation confidential to those who are present at that time.)

Visit us here to Read about the process, review the list of wicked issues, listen to the inquiry unfold, and register to receive daily reminders, and zoom link to join the session.

To find out more about the theory and practice behind Inquiry IS the Answer contact Glenda Eoyang

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