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Hi All. I am an American therapist, living in Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam on diplomatic mission with my partner. We have to move every few years for his job, so creating community is always a priority as soon as get to our new place. I see there are some consultants & other therapists who seem to be also using their skills and knowledge of humans to build community. I have a private practice and I just started dabbling in consulting, which focused on improving well-being overall (increasing community, inclusion, and conflict skills). I'm super excited that more people are recognizing the power of community and finding ways to create it. Community is a priority in my house and work. I do some structured events and some less structured ones. We host open hours every Tuesday where any of our friends are welcome to stop by.

I'll be going back to Washington DC in a year or so, for a year or two and then we'll head to a new country. I'd love to find ways to deepen my community building skills and to bring community everywhere I go. I've signed up for a circle, and I'm excited to get more involved with WEAVE as I move around. I've never lived in DC before, so I'm super excited to be able to connect with that chapter while I'm there.

Image description: Downtown Sai Gon at sunset. There is a river and some foliage in the foreground and skyscrapers with lights on in the background.

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       Fae.  I noticed your post from Vietnam and couldn't help but respond.  We are part of the International Friends community here in Logan Utah and work to facilitate friendships between visiting international students and scholars here at Utah State U and families in the local community.  Along the way, we have mutually adopted a young couple from Hanoi, their families living in small villages in the North.  That was 6 years ago before COVID.  We are their American family.  They now live in Boston.  Chung is a paralegal for an immigration lawyer in Salt Lake City and Thanh finished his PhD and is an AI researcher for Amazon in Cambridge, MA.  We now have two little grandsons with them, Andrew and Ethan.  

       Their families love us and love Americans in general.  I was a draft protester in the late 60s and in the army in the 70s.  Now retired from lawyering and still trying to be productive.  Glad we can do our part as Weavers wherever we are.  And glad we have this Vietnam connection.  


Nathan Hult

I'm not sure if I'm replying correctly but here we go!

@Tung Ly Good to hear from you! Transitions are always an adventure! I love New Orleans, my sister and I used to go once a month growing up (I'm originally from Alabama) and I just got married there in December. I think it's the best city in America. ๐Ÿ™‚

@Frances Kraft I would love to meet up in DC! It's such a relief to think about how I can build community not just where I am but where I am going! I have just confirmed my sign up for a circle and I hope to get to one of the other community hours eventually. They are at awkward times for me (as most American things are  - haha).

Fae Frederick

Welcome! My partner is a licensed professional counselor (talk therapist), and we're moving to Annapolis from New Orleans this summer. It sounds like y'all are in similar transitions in your careers. I haven't spent time considering how I'll connect with either the DC or Baltimore community, but looking forward to doing so as we settle in to our new home. Thanks for making your introduction!

Tung Ly
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