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Welcome to Weave

Welcome to Weave

Welcome to the Weave Community

We envision a nation of weavers brimming with deep, healthy connections, where mutual trust and affection is the standard, equity is implicit, and all people find joy and meaning in daily life.

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Is this online community for me?

If you are someone who…

  • Cares about building deep relationships
  • Wants to meet others who honor the importance of community
  • Desires to bring people together across difference
  • Is looking for peer support or resources to help you weave meaningful relationships

…then this is the community for you.

Why register?

When you register, you will be able to

  • Meet others in your area and join a local group, like #WeaveBaltimore
  • Attend member-exclusive events and small groups
  • Engage in discussions and share your ideas
  • Access a library of resources on ways to weave, funding opportunities, workshops, and more
Ashley Esposito of Baltimore, MD: I create opportunities for others to share their ideas, opinions, and solutions, and use that information to fix those barriers to their happiness. The online Weave community means we all have the opportunity to collaborate in an asynchronous way. Jeudy Mom of Compton, CA: Cleaning parks, helping neighbors, building gardens, all things to help encourage goodness in our city! The Weaver community gives me the opportunity to meet and learn from unique and diverse community leaders from across the nation. janet e. dandridge of Washington, DE: Weaving has helped me strengthen my empathy towards others, and has also helped me understand my power. My life's work is weaving. Mary Ann Boe of Clear Lake, WI: Living isolated on a farm and being a community builder can have its challenges. Yet the Weave Community keeps me connected to fresh ideas, new perspectives, support, and an experience of belonging that renews my work as a weaver. Marc Wong of New York, NY: I weave by inspiring everyone to listen (yield), check biases (blind spots), and reject ideological rage (road rage). It has been a privilege getting to know the people in the online Weave community, and what they do to make the world a better place. Judy Cockerton of Easthampton, MA: I joined the Weave Community to connect with others who are passionate about creating solutions to promote a Re-Envisioning of Foster Care in America and intergenerational community living.
Join the Weave Community