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Weaving social trust and a healthier, more loving community is tough in today’s culture of isolation. Our Circles are where you meet other weavers and get support for this way of living.

What is a Circle?

When you join our community we invite you to sign up for Weave Circles Experience. You’ll be part of an intimate group of five to seven other members and will be guided through an engaging introduction to the weaving way of life. We have one-time Circles (Welcome Circles), as well as 4-session experience where you can go deeper with the same group of people (Circles Series). Our special video platform is designed to spur open-hearted conversation and is the best way to quickly experience what makes this community different from others.

Weave Circles

What you can expect from your Circle

What will others get?

Choose your experience

Going deeper: Becoming a Circles guide, proposing topics, or starting a special peer group

We want our community to use the Circles platform and process in any way that will advance their weaving. If you want to get more involved or have ideas for new Circles, contact our Circles Program Manager, Roger Gustafson at

Upcoming Circles Groups

We add new groups on an ongoing basis. Click below to sign up for the group that works best for you.

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