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Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Our Commitments to Each Other

Whether you are a Weaver or want to learn to weave, this is a space where you can feel valued, supported, and confident that you are not alone. We all own this community and will make it strong by showing up as our full selves, seeing others as their full selves and investing in each other.   

To maintain a trusting space, we agree to:

  • Show respect and listen to each otherassuming the best intentions. Attacks, name calling, and belittling will not be tolerated.
  • Keep an open mind and be curious, since people are complex and never fit stereotypes based on race or ethnicity, age, religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation or other identities.
  • Focus on our shared values and common needs, rather than our differences.
  • Share opinions with humility, because we recognize no person holds the whole truth. It is helpful to use phrases such as, “In my opinion…” and “In my experience…”
  • Keep our pool clean by not posting profanity, obscenity or hateful language that may offend others and stifle the free flow of our relationships.
  • Keep community conversations confidential. This space is intended to be a safe place to share. There are some publicly shared events and pages, which are marked. For more information see the FAQs.
  • Share questions, advice and perspectives without naming names. Situations can be easily shared without specifics that would violate others' privacy, expose people to criticism, or damage the reputation of an individual or organization.

To stay focused on weaving local community, we will not:

  • Debate national solutions, because we know each community has a different context.
  • Promote a religion, a political party or position, a politician, a business, or commercial products and services.
  • Use our community to promote or raise money for ourselves or our organizations.

We share the responsibility with Weave staff to moderate this community and ensure that everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and safe. In minor cases, we will suggest changes privately or report the violation using the reporting tool on the hub. If it continues, we may publicly call out violations and suggest reframing statements in a comment field.

For serious violations, we agree to a three-strike policy. The first time someone violates our agreements, moderators will issue a warning. The second time, the community will suspend a member's account for a week, and the third time, the community manager will remove the person from the community.

By logging onto this shared space and activating your profile, you are agreeing to abide by the commitments listed here.