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Weave Groups

Connect with members by geographic location or interest topic through Groups. Each Local or Topic Group has its own community space to allow members to connect, share tools and resources, create events, and more. Explore current Groups and let us know if you want to start a new group using the form below.

Start a Local Group

Are you eager to connect with weavers in your area? We offer tools, resources, and peer support to help you start a local group. Join the Local Groups Peer Network subgroup to learn more.

Local Groups Peer Network

Start a Topic Group

Are you eager to connect with weavers by topic? We launch topic groups by interest. Fill out the form below to let us know what topic groups you are interested in starting or participating in.

Topic group interest form

Frequently asked questions

What to Groups do?

Both Local and Topic Groups allow weavers to connect with one another based on shared location or interest. Groups allow members to have a space on the site to connect with one another where they can meet regularly. Activities are based on the desires, needs, and wisdom of its members and all focus on the power of human connection and weaving community. Each Group ultimately ties back to Weave's mission to:

    CONNECT weavers to one another and to resources
    LIFT UP the stories and wisdom of weavers
    INSPIRE more people to live a weaver way of life, starting where they live

Who leads these groups?

Each Group is self-organized by a group of weavers who form a planning team. They make sure events get scheduled and help welcome in new members. Anyone can help join a planning team to support the flourishing of a Group.

How do I start a group?

The first step is to share your interest using the form above. The Weave team regularly reviews what locations / topics members are interested in and will walk alongside emerging groups to help form a planning team, a vision, and virtual Group space.