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Kheprw Leadership Academy  (Session 3)

Come join this 4 session sample course of the secret sauce behind Kheprw Institute's unique approach to intergenerational community wealth and institution building.

For more than 20 years the Kheprw Institute in Indianapolis has worked to build community wealth and institutions, and committed to doing so through an intergenerational, relationship based, people centered approach. Through decades of great successes and hard lessons we have honed and refined this method, displaying our work first in local arenas, then national, and now global. Now it's time for us to come full circle, and bring the lessons we've learned along this path back to our community.


  • Tuesday, February 20 ยท 6 - 7:30pm EST
  • Tuesday, February 27 ยท 6 - 7:30pm EST
  • Tuesday, March 5 ยท 6 - 7:30pm EST
  • Tuesday, March 12 ยท 6 - 7:30pm EDT

The Kheprw Leadership Academy is a 4 class course designed to give people a bite sized introduction into how the Kheprw Institute and its Social Enterprises approach intergenerational institution building and community wealth development. Our team of facilitators includes a panel of Artists, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Systems Thinkers, and Leaders, with over a century of combined knowledge on how to build, grow, and maintain community institutions. Those that step into this 4 week, 4 workshop course will leave with all of the basic tools necessary to begin their journey of people focused, intergenerational community wealth building.

Courses to be held in person at the Alkhemy Community Wealth Building Center (3802 N Illinois) and online via the Alkhemy+ Platform.

Alkhemy+ is an all-in-one hub for entrepreneurs, creatives, and community organizers to build and share their skills. At its core, Kheprw has always been an organization focused on Education. The Alkhemy+ platform is the latest project in our ongoing quest to create spaces and provide resources that help cultivate the learning, growth, and development of our communities.

Visit to learn more.

Course will include opportunities to win our hand-picked must read books, CCFI fresh local produce bags, Kheprw mugs, shirts, and other swag.



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