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Kindling the Heart On-Line Experience

Dear Weave Friends:

What first drew me to this community is its commitment to bringing people together and how this aligns so beautifully with the mission of of the organization that I am involved with: Sacred Fire. At Sacred Fire, we see that for people to flourish, they need to feel connected--to their deep nature, each other, and ultimately to the natural world. We offer many programs that help people find that connection. In the process, they feel more alive and less isolated.

We find that the deepest connection happens when people are actually together in the same physical space. Our Firekeepers regularly gather people together around the fire in some four dozen locations in seven countries around the world. But we realize that it is not always possible to meet in person. And so we have created a new on-line program called Kindling the Heart to help foster connection and give some context for why gathering around the fire has been such an enduring practice for people around the world for millennia.

I would like to extend an open invitation for Weavers to attend our next Kindling the Heart on-line program on August 25th at 7 pm Eastern. It happens that my wife Jessica will be joining me in hosting this two-hour program. You can find out more about it by clicking here. Kindling the Heart is free–although we always welcome donations if people feel moved by the experience. As it is a new program, your participation and feedback can help us make Kindling the Heart an even better vehicle for Weaving.

And if not on the 25th, I hope to cross paths with you at one of Weave's programs!

Best Wishes,


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