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Weaving in 400 Seconds

Weaving in 400 Seconds lets you meet three weavers from around the country connecting people in different ways. Each tells their story with 20 slides and 20 seconds on each, so 400 seconds total. Then, they host small groups. This time, youโ€™ll hear from:

@Jason Sears, who splits his time between Boise, ID and Seattle, WA, providing support for people to create a village feel inside their neighborhoods, workplaces, and families.

@LaToya Thomas, from Washington, DC, who works with neighbors, developers, and government so communities have a voice in their own growth.

@Raymond Pun of Redwood City, CA, who helps libraries become the hub for connected communities.

The fast-paced and fun session will take place Monday, June 17 from 7-8pm ET / 4-5pm PT.

Register here: https://aspeninstitute.tfaform...caid=701Rm00000DPKQf

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