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Weaving in 400 Seconds

We call people who build social trust in their communities β€œweavers.” Meet three in these lightning talks on October 19 at 6 pm EST, where they tell their stories with 20 slides and just 20 seconds on each.

James Encinas (Thornton, CO) is a former actor and teacher who teaches interactive workshops on how trauma impacts childhood development.

Jess Blackshaw (Oakland, CA) builds mutual-aid partnerships between young professionals and local nonprofits to address inequity and grow problem-solving skills.

Leslie E. Redmond (Baltimore, MD) founded Don't Complain Activate, which helps people transform their frustrations into meaningful community action.

Wednesday, October 19th at 6:00pm Eastern Time (5:00pm Central Time, 4:00pm Mountain Time, 3:00pm Pacific Time)

Free and virtual on Zoom. If there are any accommodations our team can provide to ensure a meaningful experience, please let us know at

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