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Speakers Bureau - FAQ

Speakers Bureau - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Weave Speakers Bureau?

The Aspen Institute’s Weave: The Social Fabric Project supports grassroots leaders who are rebuilding community trust from the ground up and weaving a new, inclusive social fabric. We created the Speakers Bureau to show that people in communities across the country are weaving a new, inclusive social fabric and to inspire more people to become community weavers.

What topics or areas of focus do Weave speakers address?

Weave speakers are grassroots leaders who can share their success stories and lessons from bringing communities together across differences. Sample topics include “Trust Can Heal a Divided Nation,” “Rallying Communities around Strengths, not Problems,” “Creating Belonging across Race, Class, and Gender,” “The Healing Power of Shared Art,” “Weaving Life Back into Rural Towns,” “Rebuilding Trust with Youth,” “A Weaver’s Guide to Living a Connected Life,” “Bringing DEI Home from the Office,” and more.

What if we want local speakers or people with a specific focus or background?

If you need support and have special requests, the Weave team will help you identify speakers in the Bureau or among its thousands of contacts across the country.

What types of talks or presentations can speakers give?

Speakers can give keynotes, participate in panels, facilitate small group discussions, or teach workshops in their area of work. Once we introduce you to a speaker, feel free to discuss your specific needs with them.

How quickly can we get a speaker?

Most speakers need a few weeks to make time in their lives for a virtual event and at least a month if the event involves travel. However, contact the Weave team for help with urgent requests.

What are the fees for booking a Weave speaker?

Since public speaking takes preparation and time, you should offer a reasonable honorarium that fits with the time commitment and the size of your event. Speakers will sometimes agree to speak without an honorarium if the budget is limited and the audience is important to them. If speakers need to travel, you should be prepared to cover their expenses regardless of honoraria.

Note: Weave does not take a percentage of the honoraria or charge any booking fees; all honoraria go directly to Weave speakers.

Can the Weave project help organize conference speakers or a panel?

The Weave team will do its best to help you integrate weavers into a conference, define topics for a panel or keynote, and suggest language about today’s crisis of trust and connection.

What happens after I send a request?

The Weave team will respond within a few days with any questions to ensure the request is a good fit for the Bureau. If you have requested a specific speaker and the speaker is interested, Weave will connect you. If you want Weave to propose speakers or support you in designing the program, the team will work with speakers and get back to you within a week.

Is Weave’s chair David Brooks available to speak or moderate?

David’s schedule is very full. If the speech is not completely focused on the Weave project and the work of weavers around the country, people should contact his separate booking bureau. If the event is about Weave’s work, David will occasionally be able to participate alongside Weave’s Executive Director Frederick Riley.

How are the Weave Speakers chosen?

All our speakers are doing weaving work, are part of the Weave online community, and have shared their stories and insights at past Weave events. Weave will continue to add additional community members to the speakers roster.

How do I become/nominate a Weave Speaker?

We are not currently accepting additional speakers, but when we do, we will announce it in the Weave online community. You can join the community here.