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As part of the Weave Learning Center’s Relational 1:1 module, we invite you to practice your new skills with a member of the Weave community. Here’s how to use this forum to get matched for a Relational 1:1 exchange:

Step 1: Look through the comments below and look for a reply that contains β€œ[OPEN]” next to a member’s name. This means an individual is looking for a conversation partner.

Step 2: Once you find an [OPEN] reply, private message the member to connect. Click their profile picture to get to their profile. Then send a private message with the subject β€œRelational 1:1 Request”. (Here are instructions for how to send a private message).

Step 3: Coordinate a time to meet for a 30 minute virtual Relational 1:1. Enjoy the conversation!

Step 4: After your exchange, come back to this post and edit the comment to say [CLOSED] so others don’t reach out. (But if you want to keep doing 1:1s, keep it [OPEN]! πŸ™‚)

If all people are listed as [CLOSED]: This means everyone has been matched so you should add yourself to the list. Reply to the discussion thread and use this template to indicate you are open to connect:

  • Include: [OPEN], Your name and what excites you about practicing a Relational 1:1, and list your availability (days of the week/morning/afternoon/time zone/etc.)

If you don’t get a match within 1 month: Check back regularly to see if replies open up. You can also private message me and I can get you connected with someone.

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@Cheyenne Shelby-Petersen, I would love to meet with you 1:1! I grew up in LaPorte, IN and traveled to Chicago for field trips. Now, I'm in Minneapolis. I'm connected to a small group in Chicago called Peace Brook, "a thriving community where people help each other with grassroots action." Many of the members come from the West side of Chicago, and a few organizations like Northwest Austin Council and Westside Rising, "a Coalition dedicated to building a Just, Livable & Vibrant Greater West Side." I participate via Zoom from Mpls.

I would love to hear about what brings you to Weave and how other members like me can lift up your experience.

@Kate Towle

Kate Towle

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