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ABCD lesson one reminds me of my roots growing up on a farm as an active 4-H member. I can recite the 4-H pledge to this day and love now that "health" and "human connection" are considered one and the same because, biologically speaking, that is really true. Before starting this class, I created a questionnaire to gain additional information from folks in my neighborhood- specifically those that reside in elderly and disabled housing complexes. I recognize after today's lesson that my questionnaire needs shredding. I now will begin my journey of going door to door not to ask about what people need but to ask what brings them joy! People will feel safer to answer the positives as opposed to sharing the negatives about aspects of their lives. It will make the experience better for everyone and start the weaving of my community!

Elizabeth Hartford

I bring, among other things, the gifts of listening and perspectives to my community. Listening provides an open space where people can venture out and share those tender experiences that otherwise they might safeguard by bottling up. That tendency to protection, though, deprives the community of the abundance of all its members' experiences, what we label as good or bad but all of which are essential to making us who we are. Perspective also is a valuable gift in helping us realize that our initial reactions and responses to our experiences are not ultimate but temporary and passing. It also helps us realize that we are not alone in this adventure but that we are part of a larger whole, a community that become richer and more loving because we are part of it.

Roger Gustafson

Hello Everyone,

Great to hear how others bring their gifts to their communities.

I feel I bring the gift of Empathy and kindness to my community.

I am a born empath (which is sort of like an achilles' heel), but I have learned to set boundaries but still work in my gifting. I feel kindness can be a by-product of empathy and it definitely is a characteristic I strive to walk in daily. I currently work in several capacities in my community from homelessness to running my non profit Nurture Thyself, and Manifest to be a counselor by profession.

I look forward to weaving with others on this platform.

Always with Grace and Gratitude, Toinette Neube

Toinette Neube

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