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Resource Coordinator and Fiber Aficionado from Baltimore, Maryland

I talk about: The Arts, Bridging Divides, Community Building, Community Safety, Disability, Equity & Inclusion, Family, Personal Development

Nikki Stokes helps local government, public schools, and community agencies walk their talk of serving everyone. She’s supported Baltimore City's Department of Planning, Police Department, and Mayor’s Commission on Disabilities. Her journey started when she needed to advocate for her son, who is on the autism spectrum.

Difference is typically treated in our society as a problem, not a strength. Raising a child who doesn’t process the world like others revealed the obstacles and opportunities for helping people who don’t fit the β€œnorm.” An artist by passion and training, Nikki leaned into creativity to find solutions.

She creates kits and spaces out of yarn, fabric, and other materials that not only feel β€œsafer” for those who are neurodiverse, but also empowers them to advocate on their own behalf. It helps a community grow in empathy. Through examples and stories, she guides schools, hospitals, and other social agencies into the shoes and feelings of those they serve.

She is a fiber artist and business owner and supports parents as a Resource Center Coordinator for Pathfinders for Autism. Nikki has been honored with several awards, including a 2023 Baltimore Weaver Award and a fellowship at the Johns Hopkins Social Innovation Lab.

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