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CEO from California

I talk about: Bridging Divides, Community Building, Education, Elderly, Family, Health, Personal Development, Youth

Rajiv Mehta says β€œstrengthening communitiesβ€”helping people see, celebrate and deepen their capacity to care for each otherβ€”is vitally important today, as so many feel disempowered and disconnected.” He founded Atlas of Care to study and nurture cultures of belonging and wellbeing.

Mehta was trained in aerospace engineering at Princeton and Stanford, scientific research at NASA, business at Columbia University, and innovation strategy at Apple and other Silicon Valley companies. He has led groundbreaking initiatives in several industries.

Two decades ago he got inspired by the potential to apply this experience to dramatically transform how we care for ourselves, our families, and our communities. β€œIn today’s heavily commercialized and professionalized society, the biggest undervalued resource is people’s own capacities,” he says. β€œWe – each and every one of us – can better engage our skills, knowledge, and wisdom to improve our lives.”

Mehta has guided people, from corporate executives and health professionals to military commanders and social activists, to learn Personal Science practices. These innovative methods of individual and collective self-exploration enable gathering and analyzing data of our complex, interconnected daily lives β€” to create a collection of personal maps that help people strengthen their social bonds and better care for themselves. β€œAtlas of Care operates at the intersection of technology, design, care, and community,” he says.

He often shares insights at conferences and community events across the globe, and advises nonprofits, corporations, governments, and universities. Recently, he discussed his work at a Weave Community event.

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