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On March 5, 2024, Daniel "DJ" Joseph from Boston, MA shared his story at Weaving in 400 Seconds. DJ builds  outdoor musical installations that serve as public spaces for pick-up music-making. He also started Coffee 'n Crossword, a daily digital cafรฉ for conversation and collaborative crosswording that's been running for more than 1,400 consecutive mornings.


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I live way outside of Boston so the search was broad. Boston is kind of far for me. He must be new or there are issues with the search function.

Hi @Carol Steinfeld - I just tested the search and see that Daniel Appears. You will need to do an advanced search using the "search" in the member tab. Then, click "Search By Geographical Data (Postal Code and Country)". From there, I typed in your zipcode listen on your profile 02025 and did a 50 mile radius. Daniel appeared in the search results, linked here.

Hope this helps!

Maria Oah

DJ.  I loved your 400 seconds about the human need for music.  I had meant to comment some time ago when I first saw a new weaver from Boston.  I grew up in Quincy.  What really caught my attention was mention that you live in Somerville.  That is where one of my daughters lives, one who is presently contemplating a job that will take her to Africa 3 months out of each year.  Then I heard your 400 seconds.  What a great approach to music.

You are correct about the potential for music being the common language of all cultures.  Something that we are going to approach from a slightly different angle here at Utah State in Logan.  Our International Friends Program, which serves the international students here are partnering with faculty and staff including the music department to offer an International Music Festival this coming Fall.  It will be held in the student center and hopefully draw crowds of students to share the sounds and personal contact with the more than 500 international students and more than 100 international faculty and staff.  I don't think we will not require any audition in advance to participate.  

Keep up the good work, weaving with music.  

Nathan Hult
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