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We're thrilled to introduce the Weave Learning Center's newest free online course: Grant Writing! In this course, you will learn the basics of grant writing, how to find funders, how to integrate your story with statistics, how to write your first grant proposal and more.

Course instructor Antavia Mason will also host free live workshops covering course content. Mark your calendars and register for one or all of the following workshops:

  1. Basics of Grant Writing: July 5 at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific
  2. Developing Case Statements: July 12 at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific
  3. Writing a Grant Proposal: July 16 at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific
  4. Engaging Donors: July 26 at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

The course is free and open for all, so share with a friend! You can access the course and sign up for the workshops here: 

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